Make your own Nutcracker Costume

A Christmas–time tradition, going to see the Nutcracker ballet has been a favorite family activity throughout many generations. Danced to music written by Tchaikovsky, the holiday spectacle centers on a young girl named Clara who dreams about the Christmas tree and toys around it come to live. Clara’s nutcracker given to her by her Uncle also comes to life in this magical fantasy. If you want to act out your own version, dress up in a Nutcracker costume that you can easily make yourself.

Items needed to make your Nutcracker Costume

Items Needed:
Blue pants
Black boots
Red jacket
Gold buttons
Gold fringe
White ribbon (wide)
White gloves
Black poster board
1/3 yard black faux fur, long nap
Tape, glue, elastic


Step 1: You will want to create the look of a royal English guard for your Nutcracker costume. Start with royal blue pants tucked into black, equestrian–style boots. Over this with a red–jacket with a stand–up tab collar (no lapels). Replace the buttons with shiny gold buttons and add gold fringe on the shoulders for military–inspired epaulets.

Step 2: Take wide white ribbon (about 3” wide) make two criss–crossing sashes to wear over the red jacket. Peeking out from the sleeves, make sure you hands are covered in proper white gloves. Keep a regimental toy sword at your side.

Step 3: On of the most distinctive things about a Nutcracker costume is the traditional English Busby hat. To make this memorable piece of headwear, create a cylinder out of black poster board about 1 foot tall and wide around enough to fit your head. Cut a circle for the top and tape everything together. Next, glue or staple on black faux fur and attach a black elastic strap from side to side (near the ears) that will keep the hat in place.

Step 4: Finally, you will want to use face paints to create a makeup style that resembles a Nutcracker. Rub a pale color over your entire face and add rosy circles for the cheeks. Also use a black eyeliner pencil to create exaggerated lines where the Nutcracker’s mouth opens and shuts.

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