Make your own Nurse Costume

Nurses make us feel better when we are sick and in need. From the benevolent Florence Nightingale to the sadistic Nurse Ratchet, nurses are a popular character in movies and television. Now you can feel better knowing that you can make your own Nurse costume that will not only look fantastic, but make you feel like the hospital hottie you are!

Items needed to make your Nurse Costume

Items Needed:
White dress
Red felt (8x11 rectangle)
White felt (8x11 rectangle)
“Wonder Under“ fusable interfacing
Cardboard scrap
Bobby pins
White stockings
White shoes
Nurse props


Step 1: Choose a white dress you no longer wear from your closet or purchase one from a resale shop. A white mini–skirt and a white blouse will also work well as a nurse costume. Cut several first aid style crosses from the red felt, approximately 4“ x 4“. Use the fusable interfacing to iron on the crosses decoratively on the dress pockets or anywhere you like.

Step 2: Referring to a picture, cut out a nurses hat shape from a scrap of thin cardboard (such as a cereal box). Glue on white felt and red cross in the center. After the nurse’s hat dries, you will secure it in your hair with bobby pins.

Step 3: Choose a pair of white stockings and shoes for your nurse’s costume. If you want to portray a more traditional image, wear opaque tights and sensible shoes. However, if you want to make temperatures rise, wear a pair of sexy fishnets or thigh–high stockings and stiletto heels during the night shift.

Step 4: Check a costume store for nurse props such as a giant syringe, a stethoscope and more. You can make your own medical charts to carry along out of a simple clipboard and some official–looking notes.

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