Make your own Ninja Costume

Real warriors from ancient Japanese history, ninjas are fierce fighters who are skilled in many areas of combat. From assassination to espionage, the ninja is most well known for proficiency in the martial arts. Ninjas are agile and move stealthily through the night, their garments are especially designed to help them move quickly and quietly. Get ready to kick some booty in a Ninja costume that you put together in the comfort of your own ninja lair.

Items needed to make your Ninja Costume

Items Needed:
Black running tights
Black long–sleeved t–shirt
Black fabric
Paint pens
Red (or other color) fabric
Black full face ski mask


Step 1: Create the underpinnings for your Ninja costume with a pair of black running tights and a black long–sleeved t–shirt. Real ninjas also wear soft soled shoes specifically designed to help climbing and sneaking quietly.

Step 2: Create an over tunic with approximately 2 yards of black fabric. Simply lay the fabric on the floor, doubled over so the selvages match. Next trim down the sides to be about 4 –6 inches larger than your chest width. In the center of the top fold, cut a semi–circle or triangle shape that will serve as the opening for your head.

Step 3: In a contrast fabric, make a long sash that will be tied around the middle of your tunic to secure. Use paint pens as desired to create a design on the front of the tunic, such as a dragon, if desired.

Step 4: To disguise your identity, pull a knit ski cap over your head. For maximum concealment, choose the full–head style that only lets your eyes, nose and lips show.

Step 5: For a ready–to–battle look, accessorize your Ninja costume with the preferred weapons of war such as a sai sword, bo, or pair of nunchucks.

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