Make your own Nerd Costume

Nerds, you have to love them. These dorky but endearing guys always have all the brains, money and usually end up with the pretty girl once she comes to her senses. With a simple trip to the resale shop or a rummage through your Dad’s closet, you are sure to find almost everything needed for a nerd costume. Your friends will think you are pure genius!

Items needed to make your Nerd Costume

Items Needed:
Trousers that are too short
Plaid, button–up shirt
Pocket protector and writing implements
Old glasses
Fake buck teeth
Hair gel
Red lip liner


Step 1: One of the first things you notice about a nerd is his pants. Usually you can’t miss them as they are always pulled up almost under the armpits, too–short “highwaters“ and usually designed from pathetically unfashionable polyester. A thrift shop is going to be full of these geeky garments.

Step 2: Pair your high–water pants with a short–sleeved plaid shirt. It is de rigueur for a nerd costume to have a plastic pocket protector and plenty of pens and mechanical pencils showcased in the breast pocket.

Step 3: For the completely clueless about grooming look, use hair gel to slick down your hair and comb to each side with a center part. Add a pair of glasses that with white duct tape wrapped around the nose bridge. You can also find glasses at the resale shop, if they have prescription lenses, simple pop them out so your eyes aren’t bothered.

Step 4: A final touch would be some faux buck teeth or some “grills“ that look like silver braces and use some pipe cleaners to make pretend headgear oh, the agony! Use red lip liner to make little dots on your face that will resemble a bad case of acne.

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