Make your own NASCAR Costume

NASCAR racing is a huge machine, literally and figuratively. Boasting more that 75 million fans, NASCAR is one of the biggest spectator sports in the world. Race car drivers, who compete in the various series, earn the big bucks and have become celebrities in their own right. NASCAR fans are considered extremely brand loyal and that might be one of the reasons you see so many endorsements emblazoned on the cars, drivers and race tracks. Get ready to head to the race track and burn rubber in a NASCAR costume made at home without a single corporate sponsor!

Items needed to make your NASCAR Costume

Items Needed:
Jumpsuit in any color
Color printer
Fabric printer “paper”
Fusible interfacing
Champagne Bottle
Large cup–style trophy
Black and white checkered flag


Step 1: NASCAR drivers typically wear one–piece jumpsuits on race day. These uniforms, which fasten up the front, are designed for safety as well as style. For your NASCAR costume, you can start with a professional painter’s suit or sew one with a pattern and fabric of your choice.

Step 2: To create the look of corporate sponsors, use your computer to search on the internet for logos that suit your style. You can use your home ink–jet printer to print out your images on pre–made fabric sheets available at a craft store. Use a fusible interfacing product to iron on these “patches” according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Next you’ll need a helmet to go with your NASCAR costume. You can use a repurpose motorcycle helmet or purchase an inexpensive plastic costume helmet that can be painted as desired.

Step 4: After you make your victory lap, step out of your race car with all the paraphernalia of a winning driver such as a champagne bottle, large cup–style trophy or even a black and white checkered flag.

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