Make your own Mermaid Costume

Mermaids are mythical sea creatures that feature the form of a beautiful woman on the top half of the body and the shimmering scales and tail flipper of a fish on the bottom. Dressing in a mermaid costume has become very popular with little girls due to the popularity of Disney’s beloved character Ariel from “The Little Mermaid“. It’s easy to make a mermaid costume for your child with some iridescent fabric and a little ingenuity.

Items needed to make your Mermaid Costume

Items Needed:

Tank top in pastel color
Iridescent fabric, approximately 1 yards
“Wonder Under“ Iron On fabric fusing
Glitter fabric paint that coordinates with fabric
20–inch length (give or take) of “ wide elastic
Long red or blonde wig
Glitter lotion
Accessories such as a shell necklace or flower lei


Step 1: Cut out two scallop shell shapes from each the iridescent fabric and fusing, approximately 6“ x 6“. Position “shells“ over the chest in a bikini–top fashion. Iron on fabric layered over fusing according to manufacturer’s directions. Use glitter paint to add detail to the shells; set aside to dry.

Step 2: Take a length of shimmery fabric in blue, green, or aqua–green that measures from your child’s waist to knees; add 1 “ to this length for future elastic casing and cut. Wrap length of fabric around your child’s width, add 4“ and cut. Sew up waist to knee seam; fold over waist top “ and sew on the edges around the length of waist to create a casing for the elastic. Rip open inside seam on casing and thread through elastic until it reaches all the way around. Shore up to fit waist snuggly, but not tight. Safety pin or sew elastic ends together to secure. With remaining fabric create a ruffle that reaches from knees to ankles and secure to hem of skirt with running stitch.
Step 3: Don a cascading red wig to look like Ariel from Disney’s animation, “The Little Mermaid“. Or, a long blonde wig with waves would also be appropriate for a mermaid costume. Apply glitter lotion to the cheeks shoulders and chest for a shimmery, underwater look.

Step 4: Add seashore–inspired accessories such carrying a conch shell, wearing a flowered lie necklace and sporting flip flops decorated with shell designs.

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