Make your own Maternity Costume

Nine months is a long time to grow a huge baby belly, but it’s quick and easy (plus a lot cheaper!) to make your own Maternity costume. We have great expectations for this comical costume, use your imagination to satirically portray and of the pregnant celebrities du jour. You’ll look as if you ready to pop in mere minutes and will be a hysterical hit at any party.

Items needed to make your Maternity Costume

Items Needed:

Oversized dress or hospital gown
Standard–size bed pillow
Elastic bandage, large roll
Pink foam curlers
Fuzzy pink slippers
Two empty oatmeal cylinders
Construction paper
Optional : baby carrier and lots of baby dolls


Step 1: Strap a big fluffy pillow on your middle and secure bandage, wrap one time around. Fold pillow down in half to make “bump“ bigger and continue to wrap pillow onto body with bandage to keep in place. Slip into dress or even a large hospital gown for a more “any–minute–now“ look.

Step 2: For a completely caught–off–guard look, roll your hair up in pink foam curlers and wrap your head in a colorful scarf. Slide into pink fuzzy slippers, unless you are the type of girl who prefers to be barefoot and pregnant!

Step 3: Of course, you’ll need some stereotypical props for your mock pregnancy. Satisfy your food craving by making a “pickle“ jar and an “ice cream“ container out of the recycled oatmeal cylinders, colored construction paper and markers. Don’t be limited to only our ideas though; you can let your imagination run wild..

Step 4: For a parody of “Octomom“, you can fill an over–over–the–shoulder baby carrier (like a backpack or front–carrier) or stroller full of baby dolls to expand your brood of babies instantly to eight, ten, twelve or more infants!

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