Make your own Magician Costume

Abracadabra and shazzam! You won’t believe your eyes at how easy it is to make your own Magician costume at home. These talented performed who are gifted with sleight of hand and diversion skills can put on quite an unbelievable magic show. From the elaborate shows in Vegas to the kitschy kids’ birthday party performer, magicians are a fun costume choice to appear (and disappear) in for your next party. Don’t let them in on the smoke and mirrors, but let the audience see all of your well–appointed style in a Magician costume.

Items needed to make your Magician Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants
White shirt
Red silk vest
Bow tie or ascot
Black shoes
2 yards black fabric
Black ribbon
Top Hat
Magician props like wand


Step 1: Your base for a magician costume will look like the beginnings of formal attire; black trousers, black shoes, a white dress and a bow tie or ascot. Pair this with a colorful vest of your choice to add a little visual interest to the costume (and distract from the tricks!).

Step 2: Almost every magician has a cape the he swirls about in a diversionary manner or uses to cover up things that are about to vanish into thin air. You can make a cape with about 2 yards of black fabric that has one raw edge hemmed and the other raw edge folded down to make a 1–inch casing and sewn near the edge. Take the ribbon and thread through the casing, gather up the fabric and drape if from your shoulders tying the ribbon at the neck.

Step 3: Finally, you are going to need props for your Magician costume. From a black top hat (that you pull a rabbit out of) to a magic wand that transforms into a flower bouquet, you are sure to create a memorable evening.

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