Make your own Madonna Costume

Madonna is an icon of pop music who has weathered though several decades of music and dozens and dozens of image changes. While she has had many looks from channeling Marilyn Monroe to looking like an urban cowgirl, Madonna is most famous for her 80s style of strapless corsets with full skirts, ratty hair with a big bow and lots and lots of necklaces and bracelets. Turn yourself into the “material girl“ with materials that you probably already have at home, or can easily find in a resale shop.

Items needed to make your Madonna Costume

Items Needed:
Black corset top
Black tulle, full skirt like a petticoat
Fishnet hose
Converse high tops
Big black lace bow
Lace gloves
Lots of jewelry


Step 1: Create the basis for your Madonna costume with a black corset top and full, tiered black skirt. A black petticoat for a dancing costume would be perfect. If you can’t find these items a strapless, black cocktail dress with a full skirt would also work well.

Step 2: Wear fishnet or black hose that are torn or have holes in them. For a sassy contradiction, wear a pair of old–school converse high–tops feel free to embellish them with your own doodlings and graffiti.

Step 3: This Eighties–era look always was shown with a pair of black lace gloves that are fingerless. A big black bow will decorate your teased and messy shoulder–length dirty–blonde hair. If you don’t have hair that can be styled this way, just slip on a wig.

Step 4: You makeup should be fairly pale with emphasis on the lip. Use a black eyebrow pencil to mark a mole above your upper lip.

Step 5: Your Madonna costume won’t be complete until you overload it will lots of chains, necklaces, bangle bracelets and black rubber bracelets.

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