Make your own Mad Scientist Costume

A mad scientist is on a mission to break through to the latest and greatest discovery at all costumes. Usually portrayed as mentally disturbed, these highly gifted geniuses sometimes end up with an evil bent. Perhaps one of the most memorable Mad Scientists in literature was Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his pieced to creature – “he’s alive”! If you are looking for a way to express both your exception brains and your eccentric side, a mad scientist costume is perfect. And, because you are a master at creating, you’ll want to make it yourself!

Items needed to make your Mad Scientist Costume

Items Needed:
White lab coat
White shirt
Black pants
White messy wig
Safety goggles
Thick black rubber gloves


Step 1: One of the main ingredients for your Mad Scientist costume is a white lab coat – the kind worn by a doctor, pharmacist or laboratory dwelling scientist Typically the lab coat will fall to mid leg and button up the front; lapels and patch pockets are also common to the style. Pair this coat with a white shirt and black pants, or whatever else will suit the specific style of your madness.

Step 2: Almost every mad scientist is typecast with a wild shock of white hair, as if he’s just been electrocuted or just too absorbed in the experiment at hand to care about grooming. Since this is probably not your normal hairdo, you can quickly get the look with a wig a la Albert Einstein!

Step 3: Add some personality to your Mad Scientist costume with lots of accessories such as safety goggles, a stethoscope, plastic beakers filled with weird stuff or even a pair of thick black rubber gloves (goodness knows what you’ll be touching!). For guys wanting to put a horror spin on their Mad Scientist costume, faux blood can be splattered across the front for a look to die for!

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