Make your own Love Guru Costume

Help yourself by helping others as the Love Guru, an American that was abandoned in India and raised by gurus. After growing up, he sees a place for himself in the self–help market and heads back to the states to do make his fortune. You can get in touch with your inner self and bring harmony to couples dressed up as this hippy comedy character. If you are a fan of Mike Myers who portrayed the guru Maurice Pitka or are just a fan of “love”, then this is a laid–back and cool costume choice for you.

Items needed to make your Love Guru Costume

Items Needed:
White pants
Yellow tunic or,
Yellow linen fabric and pattern
Leather sandals
Hawaiian lei
Other long necklaces
Long brown beard
Long bushy beard
Mustache with twirled ends


Step 1: Create the look of his holiness, the Love Guru with a pair of white pants and a loose yellow caftan or tunic that falls to mid thigh. If you can find a tunic with embroidery, even better! If you are unable to track down the yellow top, you can easily make one from a couple yards of yellow linen and a pattern.

Step 2: Wear layers of “love beads”, peace signs and other necklaces with your outfit as well as flower lei that is distinctive to the Love Guru costume. Also, get into total character by lining your eyes with black eyeliner.

Step 3: One of the other signature elements of the Love Guru costume is his unkempt hippy hair. If you do not have long brown hair, a wig will do. Also you’ll want a full long beard (almost biblical) and a mustache that is waxed and curled up at the ends.

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