Make your own Little Red Riding Hood Costume

If you have a flair for drama then play the victim in a Little Red Riding Hood costume. It is not so scary to make your own version of the outfit worn by this red–cloaked little girl who is tricked by the naughty wolf while walking through the woods to deliver food to her sickly grandma.

Items needed to make your Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Items Needed:
Red–and–white gingham dress
Red hooded cloak or rectangle plastic tablecloth and red ribbon
White tights
Mary Jane shoes
Wicker basket, open or picnic style


Step 1: Finding the right dress is essential; red–and–white gingham is traditional but a sexy, solid red dress work just as well. Raid your closet or hit a resale shop to find just the right option for your Little Red Riding Hood costume. Another option is to purchase a pattern and gingham fabric to create the traditional flounced dress of this storybook character.

Step 2: A red hooded cloak may be harder to beg, borrow or purchase. An inexpensive option is to create one from a red plastic tablecloth purchased from the local party goods store. Unfold the tablecloth and position lengthwise; measure down about 18–inches and draw a line crosswise. Cut a small hole every inch and thread through the red ribbon; this will be the tie that hangs around the neck. Use tape to fashion the top portion of the tablecloth to look like a hood, get creative!

Step 3: Pair your Little Red Riding costume with a pair of white stockings that suit the style of your outfit and a pair of girlish Mary Jane shoes.

Step 4: According to the story, you are allegedly taking muffins to grandmother. Line a brown wicker basket with gingham fabric folded over to look like scrumptious treats are hiding inside.

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