Make your own Land of the Lost Costume

Land of the Lost was a popular television series for children that aired in the 1970s. With a cult–like following, the show is still popular today in reruns and DVD. Most recently a feature film adaptation was released in 2009. Trapped in a fictional world full of dinosaurs, lizard creatures called Sleetstak and Pakuni primate people, the plot centered on the displace modern–day Marshall family trying to exist. While the human characters included dad Rick, a son Will and daughter Holly, one of the most popular Land of the Lost costumes is of the odd Sleetstak. If you have a fondness for lizards and science–fiction, then a Sleekstak Land of the Lost costume is for you!

Items needed to make your Land of the Lost Costume

Items Needed:
Green sweat pants
Green sweat shirt – hooded
Pale yellow fabric
Fusible interfacing
Fabric paints
Pale Yellow socks
Small amount of poly fiber fill
Green makeup
Two lunch–sized black paper plates
Black elastic


Step 1: Since the Sleekstak are lizard creatures, it is only fitting that the base color of your Land of the Lost costume should be this reptilian hue. Start with a pair of green sweat pants and matching hooded sweatshirt (either zipped or pull–over okay). Cut large piece from the yellow fabric to create an “underbelly” that will extend over your chest, middle and top of pants. Attach this fabric with fusible interfacing according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

Step 2: Using fabric paint (in paint pen format would be easiest), artistically paint on overlapping “scales” all over the pants, jacket and hood (except for underbelly). On underbelly, use fabric paint to draw rows of horizontal lines resembling a lizard’s underside. Run a search for Sleetstak to get ideas.

Step 3: Create the creature’s pincher–style hands by cutting a triangle shape out of the socks at the toe inward to the middle of the sole; sew up and stuff with a little poly fiber–fill. To wear, slip the socks over your hands and wrists keeping your thumb in one section of the pincher and your fingers in the other.

Step 4: Sew up the cut out sock remnants to create a single horn for the top of the hood on your Sleetstak Land of the Lost costume. Stuff with a bit of poly fiber–fill and sew on.

Step 5: Create lizard eyes for your Land of the Lost costume by taking two smaller lunch–sized paper plates (either black or painted black) and cutting circles out of the center for visibility. Connect together with elastic and secure around your head like an eye mask. Under this wear green make–up for a seamless look of scaly green lizard skin.

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