Make your own Ladybug Costume

Ladybugs are out in full force during the spring and summer, fluttering about the blooms in the garden. If you can’t find a ladybug costume that flaps your wings, don’t get bugged! Create your own interpretation of this whimsical and feminine insect (although there ARE boy ladybugs) with red clothing and a few items from the local craft store.

Items needed to make your Ladybug Costume

Items Needed:
Red leotard or big red t–shirt
Black tights
Black duct tape
Insect costume wing or black pantyhose and coat hangers
Black headband
Red pipe cleaners
Red pompoms
Black shoes


Step 1: Find a red leotard that suits your figure; tank–style or with sleeves are both fine. Also round up a good pair of opaque black tights. If you are a gym–rat, you might already have these items in your wardrobe. If not, they can be purchased easily in a discount store. If you would like to be more covered, then wear a large red T–shirt that hangs down to mid–thigh instead of the leotard.

Step 2: Use the black duct tape to make the “dots“ for the ladybug costume. Unroll tape and use scissors to cut out the largest size circle you can fit on width of tape; stick on leotard or shirt in speckled polka–dot pattern.

Step 3: Gear up for flight with a pair of black sheer wings. These “fairy“ or “insect“ type wings can be found on the costume aisle of your nearest discount or you can construct a set by stretching black pantyhose over an outline frame fashioned from wire coat hangers.

Step 4: Use hot glue gun to secure pipe cleaners to headband, add pompoms to the top for the most adorable antennae ever. Add to your ladybug costume with the shoes of your choice; black ballet flats, sexy high–heels or even polka dot sneakers!

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