Make your own Knight Costume

Show that chivalry and honor are still alive dressed in a Knight costume based on the coats of armor worn in the Middle Ages. Knights were considered noblemen and worked for the King in a feudal hierarchy. At first, knights wore armor made of chain mail but later these protective garments were modified to be the hard head–to–toe shells that create the stereotypical image of a knight. Show up on the scene looking ready to rescue the day in a knight costume you can piece together yourself at home.

Items needed to make your Knight Costume

Items Needed:
Silvery–grey fabric
Wool fabric in your color choice
Contrast fabric
Paint pens for fabric
Piece of scrap cardboard


Step 1: Lay out the silvery grey fabric and fold over in half, matching the selvages. Cut out a long–sleeve shirt shape that you will wear as a pull–over style. At the fold, cut a semi–circle shape for the head opening. Use glue or a sewing machine to fasten up the sides and arms.

Step 2: With the wool fabric, fold in the same manner and make a semi–circle cut once again. There is no need to sew up the sides because this will be worn as an open tunic. With the contrast fabric, make a long sash that will be secured around the waist over the tunic. Use paint pens meant for fabric to create a design on the front, such as a coat of arms.

Step 3: Pick out a pretend sword of your choice to wear with your Knight costume. Pair this up with a shield you make out of a scrap of cardboard and paints. Once again, paint a coat of arms on the front to match your tunic.

Step 4: With remnants of the silvery–grey fabric, create a hood–style helmet that was often worn with the chain mail type Knight costumes.

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