Make your own Kitten Costume

Sweet little kittens, these baby cats are some of the cutest fur balls you’ll ever see. Known to be just as playful and mischievous as adorable, kittens have beet the mention of many childhood songs and stories. From the Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens to the more modern Hello Kitty, kitten costumes make a “purrrr–fect” choice for the next dress up event. Prove superstition wrong in a lucky black kitten costume is a not–too–scary choice for Halloween.

Items needed to make your Kitten Costume

Items Needed:
Black leotard
Black leggings or tights
Furry black boot covers
Black shoes
Black headband
1 square each of black and white felt
Long strip of black felt or faux fur
Safety pins
Face paints
Whisker kit


Step 1: Dress up in a black leotard (sleeve style your choice) with black leggings, tights or fishnet hose. Add a pair of furry black boot covers that extend from the ankle up to the knee; you can wear these over boots or just with some comfy black ballet flats.

Step 2: Make your kitten costume ears by gluing triangles of black felt lined in white onto a black headband. For the tail, use a long length of black felt, cording or any other fabric of your choice at safety pin or glue to the kitten costume in the rear.

Step 3: Create a kitten costume face by using face paints to create a little black nose and pink cheeks. A whisker kit will let you attach realistic whiskers onto your face for a darling look.

Step 4: For fun, bring along kitten costume props to add more personality to your style such as a pair of knit mittens to mimic the nursery rhyme kittens or a pair of elaborate boots and hat to be the storybook character, Puss In Boots.

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