Make your own KISS Costume

You’ll be back in black dressed in a KISS costume; suit up and proclaim yourself ready to rock and roll. This still jammin’ band of the 1970s era is none know for their heavy metal edge and their kabuki–style makeup and personas. So if you are enjoying the band as a long–time fan or are following them for the first time, a KISS costume is sure to hit a high note in your evening. With just a little bit of tweaking to the directions below, you can create a KISS costume of your favorite band member and persona including Gene the Demon, Catman Peter Criss, Starchild Paul Stanley or Space Ace Frehley. Go solo or go as a group and rock on!

Items needed to make your KISS Costume

Items Needed:
Black running tights
Black lycra long–sleeve shirt
Silver lame fabric
Fusible interfacing
Silver studs
Silver fabric paint
Black fabric
Moon boots or,
Boots and tinfoil
Kiss mask, or
Assorted makeup
Rocker wig in black
Inflatable guitar


Step 1: Create the tight unitard look worn by members of the band with a pair of black running tights and black long–sleeved athletic shirt with stretchy lycra. Embellish your KISS costume with flame or futuristic type designs cut from the silver lame and ironed on with fusible interfacing according to manufacturer’s instructions. You can also decorate the outfit with rhinestones, silver studs, silver fabric paint or anything else that will help capture the spirit of your chosen band member.

Step 2: Create a cape for when your storm out on stage from about 1 ½ yards of black fabric that has been gathered up on a black cord. To create a casing for the cord, fold down the top about 1–inch and then sew along the edge an thread through cord. Decorate with remaining supplies, as desired, and wear flung over your shoulders and tied at the neck.

Step 3: Each of the band members wore crazy platform boots with their KISS costumes. You can purchase a special pair, make a pair form old ski moon boots, or simple cover everyday boots with silver tin foil!

Step 4: Vital for your Kiss costume is the “face” of either Gene, Ace, Paul or Peter. Use theatrical makeup to create the distinctive black and white (an some red detailing) look – or easier yet, wear a KISS costume mask!

Step 5: If you have long, shaggy rocker hair in black – perfect! If not, you’ll need to don the requisite rocker wig with shaggy, head–banging black locks.

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