Make your own Jug Head Costume

Jug Head is the always hungry, hamburger–eating, drum–playing best friend of Archie from the comic strip of the same name. His proper name is a mouthful, Forsythe P. Jones III, so kids in the gang just call him jughead because he’s kind of a slacker. Whether you go to Riverside High or just wish you did, a Jug Head costume is perfect for personifying the typical teenager boy. Plus, the A+ news is that you can make it all at home with things you already have.

Items needed to make your Jug Head Costume

Items Needed:
Dark blue jeans, cuffed
Long sleeved red t–shirt or
Red sweater
1 8 x 11–inch sticky back white felt
Poster board
Brown knit beanie
Brown felt


Step 1: A must have for your Jug Head costume is the uniform of all teenage boys – blue jeans. Just make sure these dungarees have a dark wash and are long enough to be cuffed to fit in with the character look.

Step 2: Next, you’ll need Jughead’s signature red sweater which can actually be a red sweat shirt or red long–sleeved t–shirt depending on what you can find. Take the rectangle of white felt and use a pen to outline a big chunky “S” shape. Peel off the backing and stick in the middle of the sweater. If you are wondering what the “S” stands for, it is a mystery that has not been revealed!

Step 3: Create Jug Head’s trademark hat which he calls a “beanie” with a simple cold–weather knit cap and matching felt. Cut a long strip of felt with pointy triangles, like a crown, and sew along the bottom of the knit cap as a brim.

Step 4: Accessorize your Jug Head costume with a pair of red sneakers and of course your friends Archie, Veronica and other Riverside pals.

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