Make your own Joker Costume

The Joker from the Batman series is a maniacal villain that was always dressed to the nines. The style of the Joker has varied within the decades worth of Batman movies, television shows and comic books. However, the overall idea of a demented jokester has always remained constant. No joke, you can create your very own Joker costume at home with minimal supplies, little cost and just a few minutes of time. Afterward, you can spend the rest of your energy any number of diabolical amusements.

Items needed to make your Joker Costume

Items Needed:
A brightly colored suit
A fake flower for the lapel
Safety pin
Green spray in hair color
Clown makeup kit with white, red and black paints
Black gloves

Step 1: Hit a resale shop to see if you can fine a loud, bright suit, such as a Zoot suit. Any bright color will do, although in the “The Dark Knight“ the Joker infamously wore purple. If you have trouble finding a matching suit, just opt for the jacket paired with a dark pair of pants.

Step 2: Attach to the lapel of your jacket, the fake flower you’ve snatched from an arrangement or purchased at a craft store. This will be your pretend poison–squirting flower; if you can find a real squirter at a practical joke shop, all the better!

Step 3: Thirty minutes before your dress up event, use a comb to make your hair ratty and spray with the green hair coloring in a well–ventilated area.

Step 4: Use the white chalk makeup from the clown kit to make your face eerily white. Study a picture of the Joker and use the other face paints to copy the makeup style of his other facial features. Thank goodness you didn’t fall into a vat of chemicals to achieve this hideous look.

After you’ve finished all your hair and makeup it’s time to suit up in your Joker outfit; add the gloves to cover your disfigured hands. Add any additional embellishments that reflect the personality of this not–so–funny villain such as a vest, cane, or practical joke props.

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