Make your own Jesus Costume

Believed to be the Son of God, Jesus is the Christ of followers of the Christian religion. Born in human form more than 2000 years ago, Jesus spent most of his life as a carpenter as apprenticed by his Earthly father, Joseph. For the last three years of his life, Jesus traversed throughout Israel to teach many valuable lessons and perform miracles. And as famously known, he was crucified, entombed and then rose again three days later. Perfect for a passion play or other religious event, you can create a Jesus costume that is quite miraculous.

Items needed to make your Jesus Costume

Items Needed:
3 yards white fabric
2 yards brown fabric
5 feet jute rope
Biblical era wig and beard
Simple leather sandals
Crown of thorns
Shepherd’s crook


Step 1: Create a long tunic from the white fabric that reaches ankle length and has long bell–shaped arms.

Step 2: With brown fabric, create a sleeveless over layer by folding in half and then cutting a circle in the middle for the head opening. Sew up sides from the bottom up to the top, leaving enough room open at the top for the arms to stick out. Layer over the tunic, leaving slightly open, and secure with a corded rope just as natural jute.

Step 3: To get the look of a simple man from the biblical era, don a long brown wig with a full, bushy beard and mustache. To be symbolic of Jesus’ role as the Christ King who is persecuted by Pontius Pilate, wear a crown of thorns atop your head.

Step 4: For your feet, wear a pair of simple, modest sandals and carry a shepherd’s hook. While Jesus was not a shepherd of sheep (he was a carpenter), he was a shepherd figuratively by caring for people’s souls.

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