Make your own Jester Costume

Jesters were popular entertainers in the Medieval Times, keeping the king, queen and their courts in fine spirits with their buffoonery and satirical performances. Versions of the Jester costume, including the iconic cockscomb hat, have been interpreted for many modern shows, the most popular being The Joker from Batman. With a few looks through middle century history books and some creativity, you can put together a Jester costume that is sure to get laughs.

Items needed to make your Jester Costume

Items Needed:
Jester pattern
Velvet–like fabric in two colors
Jingle bells
Cockscomb hat
Elf shoes
Face paints
Broomstick or large dowel


Step 1: Making a Jester costume is definitely going to require a pattern and sewing machine. The traditional style of the court jester is a loose tunic and pair of pants that are color–blocked in two contrasting tones. The distinctive collar and hemlines are often finished with a jagged, pointy edge with dangling jingle bells.

Step 2: Purchase or use a pattern and some leftover velvet fabric and jingle bells to make the cockscomb hat, traditionally with three points to symbolize the ears and tail of a donkey.

Step 3: Use more leftover fabric to create pointy–toed shoe covers to slip over your sneakers, or a pair of elf shoes will work as well. Add face paints for a clownish face.

Step 4: In their mocking of royalty, Jesters usually carried a mock scepter. You can make your own colorful scepter with a broomstick or approximately 4 to 5 foot long dowel. Wrap colorful ribbon up the broomstick in an alternating colorful pattern with long strips dangling down from the top. On the ends of the ribbon, tie on jingle bells for a jaunty effect with you come bounding into the royal castle.

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