Make your own James Bond Costume

Bond, James Bond! Know as agent 007 (meaning he has a license to kill), this extremely famous fictional spy leads a life of international mystery and intrigue. A timeless sophisticate in his style, James Bond is always wearing fine suits, donning expensive watches, and driving a “look–at–me” sports car. Although you can’t help but notice James bond when he walks in a room (as noted by all the beautiful ladies at his side), he still manages to work stealthily undercover to accomplish the goal of his latest mission. Of course, James Bond is also notoriously known for his love for the martini, “shaken, not stirred”.

Items needed to make your James Bond Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants
White dinner jacket
White dress shirt
Black bow tie
Black dress shoes
Dark glasses
Expensive watch or replica
Hair gel
Holster and pretend gun
Aluminum briefcase
Spy gadgets


Step 1: The James Bond costume is the epitome of a well–appointed man who knows how to dress well and how to mingle in high–society. Every man aspires to be like James Bond and every woman desires to be with James Bond. Wear black trousers and black dress shoes on the bottom and a white button–down shirt, black bow tie and dapper white dinner jacket on the top. Slick your dark hair with gel for the James Bond hairdo.

Step 2: If you want to go unnoticed on the scene, wear a pair of dark shades so that no one notices when you arrive at your venue. But you won’t be incognito for long when your shiny expensive watch, such as a Rolex, peeks out from under your shirtsleeve.

Step 3: Under your James Bond costume, wear an under jacket holster and pretend pistol concealed under your jacket; you never know when the bad guy might decide to start a shoot–out.

Step 4: Bring along an aluminum briefcase filled with all sorts of spy gadgets for your latest mission. You’ll be able to follow every clue from the requisite magnifying glass to more exotic spy gadgets such as eavesdropping devices and night–vision goggles. Also, if you have a plastic martini glass and a shaker for mixing drinks while on–the–go bring it along!

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