Make your own Jackie Moon Costume

He’s a coach with a vision; Jackie Moon definitely puts the “pro” in Semi–Pro. Semi–Pro is the name of the Will Ferrell comedy that features a down–and–out lower–rung basketball team of misfits coach by Jackie Moon, a faded “one hit wonder” in the music industry. Thanks to his motivational tactics and a whole lot of luck, Jackie Moon gets the massively unsponsored Flint Tropics team to the championship and earns a spot in the prestigious National Basketball League as well. If you love basketball, Will Farrell or are always rooting for the underdog, a Jackie Moon costume is for your. Plus, you can make it at home and be on the courts by first quarter.


Items needed to make your Jackie Moon Costume

Items Needed:
White basketball shorts
White basketball jersey
Iron–on letters and numbers
Fabric paint, orange and teal blue
Basketball sneakers
Tube socks with stripes
Dark blonde afro wig


Step 1: Create the old–school basket ball uniform for a Jackie Moon costume with a pair of white basketball shorts and a white basketball jersey. Use fabric paint to outline the neck, armholes and short legs in orange and the teal blue to make a curved design that heads down from the left shoulder to the right hem of the shorts. You will also want to pen out the word’s “Flint Tropics” on the front with a 70s style font.

Step 2: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to iron–on letters and numbers to spell out “MOON” and the number “33” on the back of the jersey.

Step 3: Wear a pair of athletic tube socks with orange and teal blue stripes if you can swing it, if not plain will do. Pair these with some dated looking sneakers (remember, the Tropics didn’t have a lot of funds for gear).

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