Make your own Indiana Jones Costume

Archeologist and adventurer extraordinaire, Indiana Jones leads a globe–trotting life that so many of us with desk jobs envy! This ruff–hewn and manly costume has always been a hit with the guys. From “Raiders of the Lost Ark“ to “The Last Crusade“, it is super easy to whip–up an Indiana Jones costume with items from your costume and a few well–appointed props.

Items needed to make your Indiana Jones Costume

Items Needed:
Khaki pants and shirt
Leather bomber jacket
Brown felt fedora
Leather whip
Toy machete


Step 1: Most men will have the basics for Indiana Jones costume right in their own closets. Pair casual khaki trousers or a pair of cargo pants with a long–sleeved khaki shirt. The shirts that work best are the rugged safari or hunting style shirts that are vented and loaded up with pockets. Check a sporting good shop or specialty retailer for this type of work shirts.

Step 2: Every Indiana Jones costume must have a good hat. A dark brown felt or leather fedora that looks travel worn, but not ragged, is the best. You might have this in your wardrobe, or they are easy to find online.

Step 3: A leather bomber jacket that looks like it has many stories to tell is needed for an Indiana Jones costume. The jacket should hit at the waist and features lots of zippers, snaps and pockets to brink along gear. If you don’t have one, they are fairly common just ask a friend to borrow one.

Step 4: Accessorize your Indiana Jones costume with a whip and a toy machete. If you don’t have a whip, you can buy a prop whip or make one out of a rope attached to a wooden handle. Same goes for the toy machete, buy a prop or make one out of cardboard scraps and spray paint.

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