Make your own Indian Costume

Some people call Native Americans by the misnomer of Indians, but whatever you say a stereotypical Indian costume has been a staple at Halloween, in the movies and for dress up time with little kids. Known for their kinship with nature and helping hand lent to the Pilgrims, Indians are fine folks to dress up as and how! With a few craft supplies and an afternoon of time, you can make an impressive Indian costume.

Items needed to make your Indian Costume

Items Needed:
Two yards tan ultra suede
Plastic “pony“ beads
Fabric paint pens
Brown pants
Moccasins or leather sandals
Scrap cardboard


Step 1: Make a tunic from the ultra suede fabric. Fold fabric in half lengthwise and cut out a half–circle on top to create opening for head. Cut sides away, curving where the armpits will fall, and cutting straight to the selvages it will look kind of like a “T“ shape with a fat middle for your body. Sew or glue the sides and arms. Cut 2–inch long fringe along the bottom hem and thread on colorful pony beads every couple fringes. Keep beads secure by tying a knot at the end of each strand of fabric.

Step 2: Use paint pens to add detail to your tunic; try Native American inspired pictograms. Pair finished tunic with a pair of brown pants and moccasins.

Step 3: Cut some of the leftover ultra suede into a strip to tie around your head, slip in a feather for a simple headdress.

Step 4: Make your Indian costume stand out by creating accessories styled after the real gear Native Americans used. Cardboard, paint and feathers can be used to make a battle shield and an empty cardboard tube and take–out chopsticks can be used to make a quiver full of pretend arrows.

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