Make your own Hulk Hogan Costume

Once a super–star in the World Wrestling Federation, Hulk Hogan has leveraged his 80s–era celebrity for continued success as an actor and reality television star. For a while, Hulkamania seemed to be everywhere from performances in one of the “Rocky” movies to cameos as himself in many other films and television shows. Most recently he has been a reality TV star, letting the cameras in on his life in “Hogan Knows Best” and his daughter’s show “Brooke Knows Best”. Known for his distinctive hairstyle, mustache and tan combined with outrageous wrestler clothes, a Hulk Hogan costume is a slammin’ choice for your next dress up event.

Items needed to make your Hulk Hogan Costume

Items Needed:
Loud lycra pants
Wrestling boots
Wide belt
Cardboard scrap
Gold paint
Black permanent marker
White straight wig
White mustache
Tanning lotion


Step 1: Get ready to rumble in a pair of Lycra wrestling pants in any number of wild colors and patterns the Hulk was known for wearing. Lace up a pair of matching wrestling shoes and you’ll be ready to stun your opponent with the “atomic leg drop” or the “axe bomber”, two of the Hulk’s signature moves.

Step 2: You’ll want to go without a shirt, in true Hulk style, just showing off your tanning–bed tan. If you’re more modest, slip on a coordinating tank top. But whatever you do, make sure you apply plenty of bronzer or self–tanning lotion to your face.

Step 3: Create a wrestling prize belt to wear cinched around your waist with a wide belt attached to a cardboard buckle. Spray paint the buck in metallic gold paint and, when dried, add detailing with a black permanent marker. Now everyone will see that you are a 12–time world heavyweight champion.

Step 4: Hulk Hogan has a very distinctive hair and mustache style. Tie on a bandana into a “do–rag” over a straight blonde wig of white hair –not too long. Hulk’s mustache is a thick handlebar mustache that points downward. This type of faux mustache may be hard to find in white. If so, create one yourself from doll hair that you can purchase at a craft store.

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