Make your own Hobo Costume

Times are tough and you’re more than a little down on your luck; that’s the life of a hobo. Typecast in the movies wearing ragged clothes, carrying bindles and hopping trains during the Great Depression, these vagrant men today might be more akin to the card–board sign bearing street bums. Perfectly priced for a budget minded party–goer, a Hobo costume can be made from old, tattered clothes.

Items needed to make your Hobo Costume

Items Needed:
Old pants
Distressed shirt
Fabric scraps
Wonder Under fusible interfacing
Ratty hat
Old shoes
Handkerchief or


Step 1: Everything a hobo wears everything he owns, so you can imagine how mismatched and worn–out the clothes must be. So just dig through the back of your closet, your rag bag or hit a resale shop for some more than gently used clothing. The pants and shirt should be tattered and patched up with mismatched fabric scraps. Iron on the patches with Wonder Under or another brand fusible interfacing according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2: For your head, wear a ratty, moth–eaten wool hat in a fedora or newsboy style and on your feet wear shoes with the toes busted out. Any other accessories that will make you look even more downtrodden are perfect such as an oversized jacket or even an empty liquor bottle. Don’t forget to rub charcoal around your cheeks to look like dirt and 5–o–clock stubble.

Step 3: It is easy to create a bindle, which is the fabric pouch on a stick that hobos carry. First you will need a broomstick or a long straight branch from a tree. On the end, tie on a bandana to form a little bag, stuff in some wadded up paper to give it shape, sling over your shoulder and head off down the tracks.

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