Make your own Hobbit Costume

Hobbits were an endearing and gentle race from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. One on the most famous from the series was Frodo, who served as bearer of the Ring meant to be destroyed in Mount Doom. This perky chap with a bright eye is a regular hobbit from the Shire and dressed in the manor of his townsfolk. On the opposite side, Gollum, the wrinkled and writhing creature who was forever changed for the worse by the Ring was also once a Hobbit. Dressing up like a loveable Hobbit such as Bilbo or Frodo Baggins is a fun choice for LOTR lovers to dress up as for Halloween or a convention.

Items needed to make your Hobbit Costume

Items Needed:
Brown pants
White or off–white shirt
Waistcoat in bright green or yellow
Brown jacket
Dark cloak or cape
Brown curly wig
Brown faux fur
Pouch and small ring


Step 1: The Hobbits in the Shire were diminutive in stature and often looked swallowed up by their clothes. The basis for a generic Hobbit costume should be a pair of brown pants that are cut off mid–calf, a white or off–white peasant shirt, a waistcoat (vest) in a bright yellow or green favored by the Hobbits, and a dark over–sized jacket.

Step 2: Additionally you’ll want to sport a hooded cloak or a cape similar to the magical cape that allowed Frodo to blend into his surroundings. If you are not able to find one to buy, a cape or cloak is fairly simple to sew with plenty of yardage and a pattern.

Step 3: For your facial appearance, focus on fair skin and blue eyes; you can wear colored contacts to create blue eyes, if desired. Also, a curly brown wig will emulate the locks of most of these elven–friends.

Step 4: Hobbits were known for not always wearing shoes and for having hairy feet! Use a small bit of faux fur or a beard kit to adhere “hair” to the tops of your instep.

Step 5: If you are dressing up as a specific Hobbit, such as Frodo, add accessories fitting to that character, such as a sheathed dagger and a small leather pouch containing a golden ring.

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