Make your own Hippie Costume

Stand up and be counted or kick back and peace–out in a groovy Hippie costume. Dressing like a social and political activist from the 1960s is no worries if you hit a resale shop or just rummage through the closet of your parents. There are many iconic symbols of the Hippie movement, such as a peace sign and tie–dye. If you incorporate these into your look, everyone will know you are dressed as a 60s Hippie, not just a grungy slacker!

Items needed to make your Hippie Costume

Items Needed:
Blue jeans
Paint pens for fabric
Tie–dye t–shirt
Suede fringed vest
Women wreath of flowers for hair
Men faux facial hair


Step 1: Find a pair of faded, ripped jeans hip huggers and bell–bottoms are the best. Next, embellish your jeans with symbols and designs of the era. Using paint pens meant for fabric (purchase at craft store) doodle on peace symbols, rainbows, logos of 60s musical groups and whatever else inspires you.

Step 2: Pair your decorated jeans with a tie–dye shirt. You probably already have one of these colorful shirts in your wardrobe or you can make one with a white t–shirt, rubber bands and kit of dyes, following manufacturer’s directions.

Step 3: Layer a suede fringed vest in any color over the t–shirt. This may be harder to find, so to substitute you can use an oversized brown t–shirt. Just cut off the sleeves, make a cut all the way up the center front to the neckline, trim off the ribbed neckline, and make “fringe“ cuts from the bottom hem up to the waist.

Step 4: The longer your hair, the better. Women can top off their look with a wreath of flowers made from silk flowers while men can add fake facial hair such as long sideburns and mustaches.

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