Make your own Gypsy Costume

Get your tambourine shaking because a Gypsy costume is the way to revealing a great future. Traveling from city to city to peddle their services the nomadic gypsy has a classic look that is easy to copy. Between your own closet, friends’ closets and a resale shop, you will find everything you need for this perennially popular costume.

Items needed to make your Gypsy Costume

Items Needed:
Long, ruffled skirt
Peasant blouse
Dark vest
Lace–up granny boots
Dark, curly wig
Golden jewelry
Prop crystal ball or tarot cards


Step 1: Shop around for a long, tiered skirt that is very full and billows out when you spin. If you can’t find a skirt that has ruffled tiers, a “broomstick“ type skirt will work as a substitution. Pair the skirt with a white, gauzy peasant blouse and a dark vest left unbuttoned. Folksy–looking embroidery on any of the pieces would lend an authentic touch.

Step 2: Accessorize your Gypsy costume with high–heel, lace–up granny boots, a brunette wig with long curly hair, and loads of golden jewelry such as necklaces and belts adorned with little coins, an arm full of bangle bracelets and big hoop earrings.

Step 3: Choose a couple of brightly mismatched scarves to tie over your hair and around the hips. A large, almost blanket–sized scarf with fringe is the traditional look in the movies as the gypsy leans over a crystal ball to see the future.

Step 4: Bring along a prop crystal ball or tarot cards for an authentic touch. You can make an inexpensive crystal ball with a white balloon glued to a margarine tub that has been cleaned out and painted in a metallic color.

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