Make your own Grim Reaper Costume

If the Grim Reaper knocks on your door, don’t answer – it means death is near. This fear–evoking, cloaked minion of the dark side comes to Earth to harvest souls for Satan. If you want to give your friends and family a good scare, donning the robes of this eternally awful bad guy is sure to make them think their time is up. And, in no time at all, you can make a Grim Reaper costume from lots of fabric and some recyclable items you have lying around the house.

Items needed to make your Grim Reaper Costume

Items Needed:
Pattern for hooded cloak
Heavy black fabric such as wool
Black pants
Black shirt
Black shoes or boots
Face paints or,
Skeletal mask
Skeleton teeth
2 empty wrapping paper tubes
Scrap piece of cardboard
Tin foil
Duct tape


Step 1: Follow the instructions on a pattern to make a very full, voluminous hooded cloak. You will want to use a fabric with some substance so the hood isn’t too flimsy around the face. If you do not want to sew a cloak, you may be able to find the perfect garment at a costume or specialty shop.

Step 2: Because the Grim Reaper represents death, wear a black shirt, black pants and black shoes as your fundamental layer under the cloak.

Step 3: Dressed in all black, your face will really be a focal point, so make sure it’s super scary. The two options you have are wearing a skeletal mask under your hood or using white, grey and black face paints to design the eerie effect of impending death on your face.

Step 4: The Grim Reaper is know for his scythe used to harvest souls. You can create a basically free and completely safe version with recyclables. First, duct tape two wrapping paper tubes together to make one long pole. Spray paint black or grey and set aside to dry. Next, cut a curved scythe blade from the scrap cardboard and cover it in aluminum foil. After you attach the faux blade to the top of the pole, you will be ready for some serious soul stalking.

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