Make your own Green Giant Costume

Ho, ho, ho – Green Giant! Doesn’t that retro jingle for the Green Giant food company resonate in the deep in your subconscious? You’re also sure to remember the company’s larger–than–life mascot, the Jolly Green Giant, who was portrayed as a kindly giant wearing a tunic and leaves – always something that wanted to make us eat our veggies as kids! If you are looking to “go green” this year for Halloween or another dress up event, you definitely have to consider making a Green Giant costume.

Items needed to make your Green Giant Costume

Items Needed:
3 yards green fabric
2 pairs green tights
Several green pipe cleaners
Silk plant with lots of green leaves
Green elf shoes
Green makeup
Green spray–in hair paint


Step 1: Make the tunic for your Green Giant costume with approximately 2 ½ – 3 yards of green fabric, depending on your height. Lay the fabric out on a flat surface, folded in half with selvages matching. Trim down the sides to the approximate width of your torso plus about 6 extra inches for roominess and sewing. To create the one–shouldered look, start at the fold where the inner side of the strap should fall and cut at a diagonal to where the underarm is on the other side. For the other arm hole, cut about 3 to 4 inches from the inner strap at the fold to a curved down hook under the corresponding armpit, Sew up sides ½” from selvages and then turn right–side out to hide seams.

Step 2: Using safety pins, glue or a needle and thread, attach leaves all over the tunic. It is not necessary to cover the entire surface, but do space them out it a randomly appealing manner.

Step 3: On your legs and feet, wear opaque green tights and curled toe elf shoes. Take the other pair of opaque green tights and make “arm warmers” by cutting off the legs from the panty and the feet. This will make it look as if your skin is green.

Step 4: Make a wreath of leaves to wear on your head with the pipe cleaners and remaining silk plants.

Step 5: Rub green makeup all over your face and neck and spray your hair with green hair paint. Practice booming out “Ho, ho, ho – Green Giant” and you are good to go!

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