Make your own Greaser Costume

Let ‘em see your bad boy side in a 1950s–inspired Greaser costume. From the Fonz from “Happy Days” to Danny from “Grease”, being a greaser meant being from the “wrong side of the tracks” or being too cool for school. Despite a tough image, greasers always ended up having a heart of gold once you got to know them. So, slick back your hair and hop on your motorcycle in a Greaser costume that you make right at home.

Items needed to make your Greaser Costume

Items Needed:
Blue jeans
White t–shirt
Black leather biker jacket
White socks
Black penny loafers
Hair gel or,
Greaser wig


Step 1: First you’ll need a pair of blue jeans and you can take those straight from your closet; no fancy designer jeans, just a classic pair of Levi’s button–fly jeans work best. Roll up the bottom hem into cuffs so that your white socks coupled with black penny loafers can show off.

Step 2: For you top half of a Greaser costume, you’ll need a basic white t–shirt, like an undershirt. If you want to look like a really bad boy, roll up a pack of (faux, please) cigarettes into the short–sleeves. Over this layer a black leather biker jacket with lots of buckles. If a leather jacket is not available, you can wear a denim jean jacket. Both styles will be even more authentic if the name of a gang, like ‘Thunderbirds”, is displayed on the back.

Step 3: As the name implies, Greasers have a signature hairstyle of black locks greased back into a pompadour or ducktail. If you don’t have dark hair, a Greaser costume wig is available to make the ultra–cool hair–do a snap.

Step 4: Finally, you’ll need a pair of traditional dark sunglasses, like Rayban Wayfarers to make a hip entrance whether indoors or out.

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