Make your own Grease Costume

Costumes from the movie and Broadway show Grease are fun to make and wear! Based on the fashions from Rydell High and oozing with teeny bopper culture there are Grease costumes for both guys and girls. Grease costumes range from the prim and proper 1950s outfits to those with a much more rebellious edge. Everyone knows that Grease is “the word“ and you speak volumes of coolness in your Grease costume.

Items needed to make your Grease Costume

Items Needed:
For Guys:
Blue jeans
White t–shirt
Leather jacket
Black work boots
Hair gel
Pompadour wig

For Gals:
Poodle skirt
Twin sweater set
Bobby socks
Saddle shoes
Chiffon scarf
Cat eye glasses


For Guys: A Grease costume for guys is all about being tough and cool. Get the look of the ultra suave Danny and the rest of his T–Birds gang and rule school. A pair of faded dungaree jeans should be rolled up at the bottom and worn with black work boots or penny loafers. A white undershirt style t–shirt layered with a black leather jacket makes a tough–guy impression. Top off the look by greasing back your dark hair with gel or wearing an over–the–top pompadour wig.

For Girls: Get dolled up like sweet Sandy in a Grease costume that sums up the innocence of the Fifties era. A full poodle skirt in a pastel pink or blue looks sock hop ready with the addition of bobby socks and a pair of black–and–white saddle shoes. You probably already have a timeless sweater set that you can wear with your Grease costume, or borrow a grandfather’s letter sweater. Wear your hair in a pony tail tied with a matching chiffon scarf. Also, look for a pair of vintage cat–eyed glasses for the studious school girl look.

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