Make your own Gorilla Costume

Perfect the look of these African primates with a Gorilla costume that will want to make you pound your chest in pride. These huge beasts have long fascinated man by their curiously human–like behaviors. Popular in the movies, from King Kong to Harry and the Hendersons, Gorillas are also team–favorite choices for sports mascots. Put some joy into your jungle by dressing up as one of these magnificent beasts in a costume that you make at home.

Items needed to make your Gorilla Costume

Items Needed:
Black sweat pants
Black hooded sweat jacket
Black faux fur
Oversized black socks
Face paints
Inflatable banana or other funny props


Step 1: Use the black sweat pants and black hooded sweat jacket to form the basis for your Gorilla costume. You will want to choose items that do not have any embellishments such as logos or stripes on the legs.

Step 2: Using the hood of the jacket as a pattern, cut out enough faux fur to cover the hood; sew on with needle and thread. Next cut pieces of the faux fur to fit the panels of the jacket on the front on both sides of the zipper as well as on the back and secure with sewing.

Step 3: Make shoe coverings for your sneakers with a pair over–sized black socks that have fake fur glued to the top; you can even add toenails made from black pieces of cardstock.

Step 4: Referring to a picture of a gorilla’s face, use special effects makeup to artistically paint on the defining characteristics of this wild creature.

Step 5: Bring along a plastic yellow banana as prop or any other number of silly items such as a tutu, grass skirt, Barbie doll dress up as the girl from King Kong, Ann Darrow.

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