Make your own Gomez Costume

Gomez is the eccentric yet elegant patriarch of the Addams family, originally based on the quirky cartoon that started in the “New Yorker” magazine. Married to an equally kooky gal, Morticia, Gomes is a classy yet creepy guy who is educated as a lawyer but likes to play with his toy train set and smoke cigars in his seemingly never ending free time. Show that you have what it takes to reside at 1001 Cemetery Lane in a Gomez costume that you put tighter yourself – it’s a snap, snap, snap!

Items needed to make your Gomez Costume

Items Needed:
Pin stripe pants
Pin stripe jacket
White shirt
Black bow tie
Black dress shoes
Hair gel or dark wig
Pencil mustache kit or,
Eyebrow pencil


Step 1: Gomez is quite a well–appointed gentleman, even though he is as strange as they come. A black pin strip suit with trousers and a jacket is the top choice for his wardrobe. Add a white button–front shirt and a black bow tie or cravat for a sophisticated style. Or, sometimes a Gomez costume is shown with a silky smoking jacket to play up his love for cigars. For your feet, add a pair of patent leather loafers in black or a similar pair of wing–tip dress shoes.

Step 2: Quite the Latin lover, the hairstyle and facial features of Gomez are quite distinctive. Part your dark, dark brown or black hair straight in the center and use gel to comb each portion from the part over to the side. Add a faux mustache from a kit or draw in a thin mustache with a black eyebrow pencil. Make sure you are smoldering with sensuality as he loves to dance the sexy Tango with Morticia.

Step 3: Accessorize your Gomez costume with a plastic cigar to chomp on or a stack of law books that highlight your advanced education.

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