Make your own Goldilocks Costume

Goldilocks is the curly haired little girl that the Three Bears found slumbering in their beds as they returned home from a walk. This classic storybook tale is a time–honored favorite and Goldilocks makes a fun dress up character. Not too big or not too small but just right, you can even make your very own Goldilocks outfit inspired by this childhood classic.

Items needed to make your Goldilocks Costume

Items Needed:
Yellow or gold dress
White stockings
Curly blond wig
Mary Jane shoes
Stuffed Teddy bear


Step 1: The type of dress you pick will depend on how sexy or demure you would like your Goldilocks costume to be. Usually portrayed wearing a yellow, yellow gingham or a golden hued frock, Goldilocks dresses can be sweet and modest or sultry and provocative.

Step 2: Along with the dress, wear a pair of white stockings that match the style of your dress such as opaque tights for innocent looks and fishnet thigh–highs for a sexier look. A pair of black Mary Jane shoes gives off a girlish vibe and can be purchased with no heel or a va–va–voom stiletto heel.

Step 3: Just as the name implies, a Goldilocks costume needs to have plenty of golden locks. If you have long blonde hair, use rollers to achieve oodles of ringlets and tie them up with a big bow. Or if you are more challenged in the hair department, you can easily slip on a baby doll style wig that will make you look just like Goldilocks.

Step 4: For a cute prop that is a tongue–in–cheek nod at the bears whose home you intrude, carry along a stuffed Teddy bear. If you don’t have a Teddy bear, just raid the bed of a little brother or sister for the perfect date!

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