Make your own Gilligan Costume

Gilligan’s Island is a fun, comedy television series that was very popular during the 1970s. The story premised on a motley group of folks, ranging from a professor to socialites, who are shipwrecked on a deserted island. The lovable, scatterbrained skipper is Gilligan and he single handedly makes the show hysterical. The folks on Gilligan’s Island were known for making their everyday needs from items on the island. Take up this DIY spirit and make a Gilligan costume from stuff you have around the house.

Items needed to make your Gilligan Costume

Items Needed:
Light blue jeans
Red long sleeved polo shirt
White lace up canvas sneakers
White sailor hat


Step 1: Check your closet for a faded, light–blue pair of jeans. Gilligan’s jeans had a nautical look about them with wide, tapering legs, but any pair will do.

Step 2: Next, you’ll need a top for your Gilligan’s costume. His traditional look is a long–sleeved red polo shirt with a white placket and collar. This may be hard to find, so a plain red shirt will make a fine substitute.

Step 3: For your feet, wear a simple pair of lace–up or slip on canvas tennis shoes.

Step 4: Gilligan had brown hair, so if you don’t have brown hair then just slip on a wig. Top off the look with a classic white canvas sailor hat for a look that says you are ready for nautical nonsense.

Step 5: You can accessorize your Gilligan costume with things you might find about a deserted island such as a pineapple, a hat made of palm fronds or a conch shell to blow in. You can even have your friends dress up as the reset of the gang such as Mary Ann, Ginger, the Professor or the Mr. Thurston Howells.

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