Make your own Ghostrider Costume

Stunt motorcycle rider, Johnny Blaze, gives his soul to Satan in order to save the life of his mentor. Now transformed into Ghostrider, this hot dude rides around a night on his motorcycle scare away evil. If you are a fan of this Marvel comic book character, dress up is a Ghostrider costume that you put together from many things you already have at home.

Items needed to make your Ghostrider Costume

Items Needed:
Black jeans
Black t–shirt
Black motorcycle jacket
Black biker boots
Short red wig or hair paints
Black and white face paint
Skeleton teeth


Step 1: Create the basis for your Ghostrider costume with a pair of black jeans and a black T–shirt. Layer a black leather motorcycle jacket over the top for a tough guy look. If you don’t have a leather jacket a black denim jacket will work fine, you can even embellish it with flames on the back.

Step 2: Ghostrider has a deathly face of a skeleton. You can wear a face mask to achieve this hellish look or apply face paints. To use face pants, rub white all over your face and neck as the basis for grey sunken eyes and checks. Use a dark eyeliner pencil to add detailed accents. Also, you can wear a pair of prosthetic skeletal teeth to make your pearly whites less pretty.

Step 3: Blazing fire creates the Ghostrider’s hair; wear a red wig or use spray on hair paints. To paint up your hair to look like a bonfire, use gel to style it up in pointed spikes and use alternating red and yellow paints to create a fiery look.

Step 4: To make a grand entrance at your event, pull up on a rumbling and rough motorcycle like a bad–boy biker.

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