Make your own Ghostbusters Costume

Ghostbusters are the guys you’re gonna call the next time you have a goblin, ghost or ghoul lurking in your home or place of business. These nerdy but oh–so–endearing parapsychologists–turned–exterminators will suit up and take care of the spirits dealing you grief. If you want to join the paranormal profession, you can create a Ghostbuster costume faster than you can run from the ghouls!

Items needed to make your Ghostbusters Costume

Items Needed:
White painters jumpsuit
Tan fabric dye
Color printer
Plastic badge kit
Cardboard box, approx. 1’ x 1 ½’
Plastic pool tubing
Nylon belting


Step 1: The uniform of a Ghostbuster is a basic worker’s jumpsuit with long sleeves, similar to what professional painters wear. Use tan fabric dye to transform this plain jumpsuit into a khaki–colored outfit.

Step 2: Search online for the Ghostbusters trademark logo with the ghost and the red “anti” circle. Print this logo out on a colored printer, trim off excess paper and insert into an inexpensive badge kit that can be found in a craft store. Attach this pin to the front of your uniform.

Step 3: The biggest gadget that the Ghostbusters us is their Proton Pack. Make your own proton pack with a cardboard box sized approximately 1’ by 1 ½ feet. Attach plastic tubing, similar to that used for pools or in hospitals, and paint everything black. Use other colors to add detailing, such as buttons, knobs and switches. After this all dries, attach nylon belting to the box so that you can wear it as a backpack. Now you will be ready to suck out the sneaky spirits from their hiding places.

Step 4: Add glasses and other accessories depending on what Ghostbuster character you are dressing up as such as Dr. Venkman, Dr. Stantz or Dr. Spengler.

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