Make your own Genie Costume

If you are looking to make a wish come true, dressing up as a Genie is a well–chosen costume selection. Inspired by the fashion and styles of centuries–old Arabic culture, a Genie costume is magical from tip to toe. From Jeannie to Aladdin, making a genie costume at home is a dream that can come true. So get going on your magical carpet ride!

Items needed to make your Genie Costume

Items Needed:
Fabric for harem pants
Coined belt or sash
Bra top
Fabric for sleeveless bolero vest
Sandals or curled–toe slippers
Golden oil lamp


Step 1: Choose several yards of silky fabric or chiffon in a color you love and follow the instructions on a pattern to create harem–style pants that are full and gathered around the crotch. Wrap a bright sash or a coin belt around your hips for a festive look.

Step 2: Wear a bright bra–style top and layer with a sleeveless bolero jacket. Following the directions to make this vest out of a matching color felt and contrasting flourished embellishments. Refer to a picture of a Genie for more inspiration. (Note: men need not wear the bra top!)

Step 3: With cardstock in a color that blends with your Genie costume, create a cap in the signature style of a genie which is cylindrical tapering into a flat top. Using leftover transparent chiffon cut a large triangle shape and attach two of the points to each side of the cap so that it falls down as a veil partially covering your face. (Note: men can wear just the cap or a turban)

Step 4: For your feet, wear a pair of strappy sandals or curved–toe slippers similar to those elves wear.

Step 5: Accessorize your Genie costume with a golden oil lamp which was once your home before you were “rubbed” out.

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