Make your own French Maid Costume

The stereotypical cleaning goddess of every man’s dreams, a French Maid is so ooh la la! She knows how to straighten things up with a dirty little twist, from bending over at the waist to pick up clutter or teetering on stilettos while pushing the vacuum cleaner. Even if you had domestic engineering, it is no chore to make a sexy little French Maid costume for your next job.

Items needed to make your French Maid Costume

Items Needed:
Black leotard or corset
Black mini skirt or tutu
White marabou boa
White fabric dinner napkin
1 yard 2–inch wide white ribbon
Black cardstock
1 foot white lace trim
Bobby pins
Fishnet stockings
Black pumps
Feather duster


Step 1: Start your French Maid costume with a black leotard or corset and a black mini skirt. With a needle and thread, sew on lengths of the white marabou boa around the neckline and skirt hem.

Step 2: Every French Maid costume needs an apron to hang dutifully around the waist. Create a sassy little apron from a gathered white fabric dinner napkin glued or sewn onto a long length of ribbon; layer over the skirt and tie with a bow in the back.

Step 3: Make a flirty little French Maid costume cap by referring to a picture to cut out a curved cardstock base. Glue on white lace trim around the edges and secure onto the top of your head with bobby pins.

Step 4: Wear a pair of fishnet stockings or thigh–highs along with some sexy stiletto heels to add some extra va va va voom to your French Maid costume. Add a sparkly rhinestone necklace and earrings for look that says anything but cleaning lady.

Step 5: Accessorize with a pink feather duster for a ticklish time!

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