Make your own Freddy Costume

Create your own “Nightmare on Elm Street” by dressing up as, perhaps, the biggest horror villain of all times, Freddy Krueger. Known for his razor sharp gloves that will rip victims to shreds, this uber bad guy haunts everyone’s dreams. Suit up as this disturbed, evil soul with a costume that your create by your own kinder hands.

Items needed to make your Freddy Costume

Items Needed:
Grey or black pants
Red and army green striped sweater
Black shoes
Black felt hat
Freddy Krueger gloves
Special effects make up kit


Step 1: Everyone knows that Freddy’s signature top is a red and army green sweater in rugby–style stripes. If you can’t find a sweater, then a striped knit long–sleeve shirt would work as well. A pair or black or grey pants and some basic black shoes “comfortable” enough for a night of terror will finish off the basics for your Freddy costume.

Step 2: To achieve the disfigured face of Freddy, you’ll need to use special effects kits to look as if your flesh has been burned around the eyes, nose and cheek. If achieving his horrible crispy effect is too difficult, there are also full–head latex masks that can simply be pulled over the head. Of course, for the top of your head wear a black felt hat similar to the style that this villain sports.

Step 3: For slashing and gashing, a pair of Freddy costume gloves are in order. A perfect pair in leather and with metal blades can be purchase or you can get crafty and make one from a pair of latex gloves and chopsticks. First, spray paint the gloves a flesh color and the chopsticks a silver (or wrap in aluminum foil); set aside to dry. When dry, tape the chopsticks across each finger and then pull on a pair of fingerless black knit gloves on top.

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