Make your own Frankenstein Costume

Pieced together from body parts from the deceased, the monster of Dr. Frankenstein was famously portrayed by Boris Karloff in the 1931 black–and–white movie. The real story was concocted by author Mary Shelley and still remains a top dress up choice for Halloween. One you know the “nuts and bolts”, making your own Frankenstein costume at home isn’t so scary!

Items needed to make your Frankenstein Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants
Black t–shirt
Clunky black shoes
Army green jacket
Green, grey and black face paint
Scar kit
Green cardstock
Two plastic soda bottle tops
Silver or grey paint
Glue gun


Step 1: Get the look of this man–made monster, by starting with black as the basis from your pants and shirt. Pair this with an army green jacket, the larger the shoulder pads the better. Since a Frankenstein costume literally is larger–than–life, rip and tear the hems of your clothing to look tattered.

Step 2: This creature, made from patch worked human parts, is larger that the normal man due to the creation process – this includes larger feet, too! So, plunk a pair of clunky black shoes on your feet stalk down the hall in his trademark arms–straight forward walk,

Step 3: Use face paints, specifically in green, grey and black, to create the signature skin tone of Frankenstein. In the book he is described with a grey, deathly pallor, but in the movies he is always green! Additionally, use a special effects kit to create the “railroad” track scars that ran across this sewed up monsters face.

Step 4: To make the neck bolts sticking out from Frankenstein’s neck, cut a piece of green cardstock about 1–inch wide and long enough to be secured around your neck. Next paint two plastic soda bottle tops either grey or silver and use a glue gun to secure on the cardstock in a position that will line up with the sides of your neck.

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