Make your own Football Costume

Get out on the Gridiron and show ‘em your tough guy stuff in a Football costume, a total winner for boys and men alike. Whether you like teams from the National Football League or support the local Pop Warner teams, a football costume will show that you’re a formidable opponent. From the quick and clever quarterback to the rock–solid linebacker, you can show off your football plays in style.

Items needed to make your Football Costume

Items Needed:
Black or white sweat pants
Oversized t–shirt
2 small pillows
Compression style bandage roll
Iron on letters and numbers
Sweat bands
Grease pen
Football helmet


Step 1: Start your football costume with home–made pants, a quick way to do this is to take a pair of knit sweat pants and cut them off about 6 inches below the knee. Fold under the raw edge and sew down leaving an opening to thread through elastic; repeat for other side.

Step 2: To make the football jersey, purchase an oversize t–shirt in the team color that you prefer. : Use iron–on letters and numbers to spell out your name in a slightly arched design as well as your jersey number. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on back of package for adhering letters/numbers to the shirt

Step 4: To get the bulked up look of a football player in protective pads, find two small toss pillows and strap them down around your shoulders with a compression bandage. Wrap the bandage criss–crossing over your shoulders and chest until secure. Wear your football costume jersey on top of this.

Step 5: Other items that will be a major score for your football costume are cleats (worn with or without tall socks), sweat bands for your wrists and black marks made under your eyes with a grease pen. And, off course you’ll need a football helmet to keep your head happy.

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