Make your own Elvis Costume

You’ll feel like the King of Rock and Roll in an Elvis costume that you make at home. Show everyone you know how to take care of business by singing some cool tunes and shaking your hips at the same time. There are many types of Elvis costumes, such as his Jailhouse Rock look or his caped thunderbird Jumpsuit look, but the easiest to assemble on your own is the retro Blue Suede Shoes look.

Items needed to make your Elvis Costume

Items Needed:
Grey suit with a silver tone
White dress shirt
Skinny black tie
Blue suede shoes
White socks
Black pompadour wig
Inflatable or prop guitar


Step 1: Hit the vintage and resale shops for a Fifties inspired suit with a wide–shouldered jacket and a pair of pants that taper in at the ankle. Grey with a silver sheen would be ideal, but anything goes with Elvis! Underneath this zoot–suit style look, wear a white dress shirt and a narrow, skinny black tie preferably leather.

Step 2: Blue suede shoes, you’ve got to have them to make your Elvis costume complete! But since this may be a tall order to find in the stores, make your own with a pair of hand–me–down loafers and a can of steely–blue spray paint just make sure to remove the laces before painting. Wear white socks to make your shoes stand out even more.

Step 3: If you’ve got dark hair, just slick back into a ducktail with a generous application of hair gel. Or, you can find a fabulous retro pompadour wig that will make obtaining this hair–do much easier!

Step 4: Show everyone you know how to rock with an inflatable or prop guitar as the perfect prop with your Elvis costume. Or, your could wear a pair of Elvis glasses that are more associated with his look decades later.

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