Make your own Elvira Costume

Elvira is known the world over as the “Mistress of the Dark”. If you aspire to emulate her comical, creepy and charismatically sexy ways, an Elvira costume will get you well on your way down the path of delightful darkness. Elvira is the pre–movie hostess for horror films, but quite frankly, she’s the featured attraction with most guys. With her eye–popping black gown and long black hair, she is certainly the hostess with the “mostess”.

Items needed to make your Elvira Costume

Items Needed:
Long black gown
Wide black belt
Toy dagger
Fishnet stockings
Black high heels
Long black bouffant wig
False eyelashes


Step 1: Get the Goth–glam style of Elvira wearing a floor–length black gown with long sleeves. While this sounds covered up, it is most definitely not! Your gown should feature a plunging neckline and a thigh–high slit up the front. The hems of both the bottom of the dress and bell shapes sleeves should be designed with a tattered, jagged look.

Step 2: Define an hourglass shape with a wide belt cinched in at the waist. Tuck a toy dagger into the side in the same way that Elvira does – just daring a bad boy to misbehave.

Step 3: Fishnet stockings and a pair of towering black stiletto heels give even more glamour to this macabre mistress who is not to be missed!

Step 4: Elvira’s crowning touch is her huge bouffant of black hair. Hanging half–way down the back, an Elvira wig is as straight as a coffin nail until to top of the head when it explodes in a poof of hair. Finish up the va–va–voom sexy look of Elvira with ghostly pale makeup, dramatic false eyelashes and red–stained lips. Paint your fingernails black and you are good to go! Unpleasant dreams!

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