Make your own Elmo Costume

Elmo is the little fuzzy red mascot for the perennially popular educational television series “Sesame Street“. In fact, Elmo is so popular with preschoolers that he has his own “show“ named “Elmo’s World“ that runs as its own segment within Sesame Street. Dorothy is pet goldfish and Mr. Noodles is a friend. With a simple sweat suit and a few craft supplies you can make an Elmo costume that will have you totally tickled!

Items needed to make your Elmo Costume

Items Needed:
Red sweatpants
Red hooded sweat jacket
1 pair socks, a size too large
1 pair of red knit gloves
1 orange sock or orange fabric
Cotton balls or stuffing
Two Styrofoam balls, approx. 2–3“ diameter
Two black buttons
Glue gun


Step 1: The red sweat pants and red hooded sweat jacket will be the base for your Elmo costume. You won’t be as furry as the real Elmo, but you will still be totally in character. Make sure the sweat pants you choose are completely red with out logos, stripes and the like.
Step 2: Heat up glue gun and attach on black button to the center of each Styrofoam ball; then, glue these balls to the top of the jacket’s hood to be Elmo’s eyes.

Step 3: Next create Elmo’s nose by cutting the tip off an orange sock in the mid–arch area. Use batting, stuffing, cotton balls or fabric scraps to give the sock tip shape. Bring together raw edges and secure with glue from the glue gun. Glue the nose into position on the jacket below the eyes.

Step 4: Unless you have red sneakers, you’ll need a pair of red socks that are one size too big. For example, toddles can wear bigger kid socks; older kids can wear adult socks, and so on. Pull these socks on OVER your footwear to be shoe covers and give you the tip to toe red look of Elmo. Also, wear the red gloves (the added benefit is you’ll stay warm trick or treating).

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