Make your own Elf Costume

Elves are those little helpers of Christmas time; the miniature and point–eared men who toil happily in the workshop making toys for the boys and girls. This Christmas you can be ready to help Santa in a green elf costume that you make all by yourself.

Items needed to make your Elf Costume

Items Needed:
2 yards green fabric or a rectangle plastic tablecloth
Green tights
Elf shoes
Green cap
Elf ears


Step 1: An elf is known for wearing a green tunic with a jagged hem. Even if you are beginning sewer, this elf project is simple to make with green fabric or even a green, plastic rectangle tablecloth. Fold the fabric / tablecloth in half lengthwise; measure the width of your body and cut the fabric down to be about 6–inches wider. In the center of the top fold cut out a triangle shape to be the neckline. Glue or sew the sides from the bottom to the top leaving about 6–inches clear for arm holes. Cut the bottom hem into pointy, jagged shapes that looks like it has been tattered from working long hours in the workshop.

Step 2: Pair your newly made tunic with a pair of green tights (yes, men in tights). For an extra festive look you can wear red–and–white or green–and–red tights. Wear a brown belt or simple jute cord around the waist. A jaunty green cap with a red feather sticking out the side is de rigueur for an elf costume. Sometimes these are referred to as elf caps, other times, Alpine caps.

Step 3: Wear green elf shoes that curl up at the toes and have a decorative pompom. Or, you can try to make a pair with green socks and some extra stuffing.

Step 4: Define your elven facial features with a pair of elf ears. You can purchase elf ears that fit completely over the ears or “tips“ that you glue on the edge of your own ears.

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