Make your own Edward Scissorhands Costume

“Slashing” yet sensitive, Edward Scissorhands is a fictional Frankenstein–like Goth character created by a neighborhood toymaker who died before finishing his hands. Left with only scissor–like blades for fingers and no father, Edward was taken in by a nearby family that had a daughter with whom he was smitten. If you would like to transform into this eccentric yet endearing character, you can make your own Edward Scissorhands costume with a little ingenuity at home.

Items needed to make your Edward Scissorhands Costume

Items Needed:
Black leather or regular pants
Black shirt
Black leather jacket
Several black buckled belts
Black combat boots
Edward Scissorhands gloves or,
Pair black gloves
10 plastic dinner knives
Edward Scissorhands wig
Assorted makeup


Step 1: Edward Scissorhands’ clothing has a very dark, Goth vibe to it; fashioned mostly with black leather and buckles. Ideally, you would like to have a pair of black leather pants, but a pair of black jeans or regular pants will work as a good substitute.

Step 2: Next, you will want to have a black shirt and a black leather jacket, the more straps and buckles, the better. To achieve this ultra–Goth look you can add additional black belts with buckles wrapped around the outside of the jacket in various ways such as crossed over your chest and shoulders.

Step 3: Pair your Edward Scissorhands costume with black combat–style boots and his crazy, messy long hair. If you have long dark hair, you can recreate the look with lots of teasing and hairspray or just simply purchase an Edward Scissorhands wig for a quick fix.

Step 4: To live up to his name, an Edward Scissorhands costume needs some impressive digits; you can purchase pre–made scissor blades or make your own with black knit gloves that have painted plastic knives sewn on.

Step 5: Finally, pale make–up in the popular Goth style will finish up the look. Use white makeup to create a pale complexion and use grey and black to achieve sunken eyes. You will also want to use a special effects scar kit to created slashes on the face where blades have inadvertently swiped you.

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